Microsoft Working On Tablet Based Windows Operating System

Gadget Herald: Microsoft Corp. is said to be working on a Windows operating system which will be suitable for Tablet PC’s in the future. The new operating system will be eligible enough to be used on tablets and smartphone processors. This new OS will be working on the processors manufactured by a UK firm called ARM.

Microsoft currently has the Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 operating system, which are performing really well in the market, but they currently do not have an OS that is suitable enough to run on a high end smartphone or a tablet pc.

This will be the first time that the company will diverting itself from making operating systems which will be working on smaller processors and not on Intel and X84 formats.

ARM manufactured processors can be seen in many tablet pc’s around the world and especially on the recent smartphone by Google and Samsung, the Nexus S.

This move by Microsoft can be concluded with, as the company is ready to enter the market of tablet pc’s in which it has lost ground since a couple of years.


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