Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry PlayBook Finally Showcased At The CES 2011

Gadget Herald: Research In Motion (RIM) finally showcased its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet at the CES 2011, and it turned out to be a delight for the visitors who witnessed the latest gadget from BlackBerry. This device is running on the QNX OS, which is the latest operating system which the company has to offer.

A complete 4G device which is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor, the PlayBook comes with loads of special features which makes it unique from other tablets at the event. With a motion of a gentle swipe the device responds at lightening speeds, thanks to dual core processor. It is was seen that this device can handle the configuration set up of Quake Three, and runs it with ease.

Adobe Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR is the latest that RIM has to offer through this device. The QNX operating system is what experts say, is a hybridization of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. It comes with an unknown configured HD camera and RIM has not yet disclosed when the company will launch this device in the market.

Source: WalYou

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