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Photos of alleged HTC M7 leaked

HTC could be launching its M7 smartphone soon and there are rumors doing the rounds as to what the device might look like. There have been sites like the Android Police, that have posted pictures of what the device could house externally and internally. Although not official, from the leaked images it appears that the placement of the ‘home’ button has been shifted. The images also include an HTC logo, three navigation buttons on the bottom and a front facing camera.

There are rumors that the phone may run on the HTC Sense 5 platform, but the pictures do not indicate what the platform is exactly. A flash-capable camera can be noticed on the back of the phone, along with the HTC and Beats logo on the speaker grille. In totality the device looks similar to the DROID DNA.

The icons for the alleged new device are also quite different from what HTC has released in the past. The clock widget has been changed and there are rectangular widgets that will allow users to get to helpful information with ease.

If the rumors do turn into fact then HTC could have a suave new phone on the market, which will surely get the competition thinking.

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