5 Android devices to watch out for in 2013

Google’s Android platform is now a household name in terms of operating systems for hand-held devices. It will come as no surprise that the year 2013 is looking to be even more productive for the search engine giant and its flagship platform. Some of the most anticipated Android releases have been noted below.

Here are 5 Android-based hand-held releases that could take the tech world by storm in 2013.

1. Motorola X – Rumors in the market have been pointing to the release of Moto 2.0 and the alleged ‘X Phone’ will have superlative features, among other things.

2. HTC M7 – Another smartphone that is rumored to be hitting the market soon is the HTC M7. Recently pictures of the alleged device with button changes and cleaner apps were spotted online as well.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4 – The world’s leading phone company will unleash yet another device in its series of Galaxy S products, with the Galaxy S4 rumored to be launching in April 2013.

4. Sony Xperia Tablet Z – This thin compact tablet has a lot to boast about in terms of looks and features. It is 10.1-inches across and is waterproof as well. Sony is longing to get into the tablet melee with this great looking device.

5. LG Optimus G Pro – This new powerful smartphone from LG is also easier on the eyes, literally. It has a higher pixel density than the highly successful LG Optimus G and should hit the United States soon.

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