Eye-tracking auto-scroll technology to be introduced in Galaxy S4?

As technology advances, the possibility of doing seemingly unthinkable things is now within our reach. A case in point is the upgraded Smart Stay feature, which is rumored to be a part of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. According to some media reports, the enhanced Smart Stay feature of the phone will allow the phone to scroll through text, based on the user’s eye movements.

The current Smart Stay features uses the phone’s front camera to control the amount of light being displayed on the phone. It brightens or dims the phone, based on whether the user is still reading text from it. According to some new reports, this feature would now be enhanced to scroll text on the screen as well.

Some media reports had also claimed that the phone company had filed for patents in regards to an eye scrolling technology earlier this year. The new feature was allegedly called Eye Scroll. If this were true, it would appear that Samsung has managed to develop a potentially groundbreaking electronics.

The Galaxy S4 will be based around a quad-core processor, rather than an eight-core one. It will also possibly have software that will prove to be more important than the hardware, in terms of functionality. Samsung aficionados will be looking forward to the new device, as they would surely love to get their hands on some new technology.

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