Apple starts selling discounted refurbished iPad and iPad Mini

People who cannot get enough of Apple products are in luck. The US-based tech company is now selling refurbished models of its iPad and iPad Mini. The devices on sale are 4th generation models and are being put up for a small discount on their shipping prices.

Customers will benefit from the fact that these devices come with the regular warranty of a brand new product. The refurbished iPad Mini and iPad come with new batteries and a brand new outer shell as well. This means that one would not be able to tell the difference between a new and refurbished model. They also attract a USD 50 discount, which will go down well with many potential customers.

The 4th generation refurbished iPad is selling for USD 449, while the refurbished iPad Mini is retailing for USD 429. The iPad Mini is not the entry level version, but the 16 GB LTE version. The entry level iPad Mini model should ideally retail for USD 299.

It is expected that these refurbished models will quickly go out of stock. Customers who are interested in picking up one of these devices will need to act fast and head over to Apple’s website to book one for themselves. Apple will be looking to sell as many refurbished models as possible, as many people suspect that redesigned versions of these devices could soon be released.

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