Leap Motion and HP join hands for gesture control technology

A deal has been signed between the Motion control Leap Motion  and  HP computers, relating to the integration of Leap Motion with HP products. The new technology will allow the controller to  accurately detect  the movement of ten fingers  at once and  will also allow for intricate gesture-based controls.

In the initial stages, the product will be aimed  at consumers who use the device for gaming and entertainment. Andy Miller, the president of the firm, said that  they will soon announce partnerships with car and medical industries. Miller said, “Leap Motion is not a toy. It’ll take some time – everything that people use on computers has been written for the mouse and keyboard for the last 20 years, but I think people will see that the software written for the Leap is intuitive and people will want to interact that way.”

However, the device is similar to that of Microsoft’s Kinect gaming peripheral, which has been made for use at close range and for the detection of intricate movements. Miller went on to say that  HP PCs will now have hardware  built in and this will be available  by summer. The software for the device will be available in a dedicated app store

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