Smartphones to be converted into home monitoring systems with app

Security of one’s home becomes a major concern when you are out of the house for work. However, new apps can now help to turn older smartphones into remote security cameras for home monitoring systems. The application is known as ‘Presence’ and was launched last month. The app helps to convert a spare internet connected iphone, iPod Touch or iPad into a free video camera, with real time video and audio streaming, motion detectors and notifications.

Gene Wang, the chief executive of the  California-based company People Power said“Essentially we give you an inexpensive security system that you can use to monitor your house, or help you watch your kids, cats, elderly relatives or act as a baby or nanny cam”. The system will be different from the traditional monitoring system which can be expensive and needs technical knowledge to install and use.

Wang even assured that Presence was free and a do-it-yourself system, which could be set up by just downloading and configuring the application. So as to use it effectively, consumers can install and login to their account on two devices simultaneously. The camera can be started within the application on one of the devices and can be viewed from the app on the other.

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