Applications that drain your iPhone device battery


Apple Store has a number of applications that the users can download and use. But the devices does not always hold the charge for the entire day. Not many are aware of some of the popular applications which are actually the ones who prey on the battery charge of the device. Here are a few devices which are popular but consume a lot of battery charge.

1. The Facebook app – It might be surprising, but the social networking site consumes a good amount of battery charge. The users can disable location settings and Background App Refresh. Also disable auto-play of videos.

2. Snapchat – Snapchat is a fun to use social networking site application but is another app that is hungry for more battery charge. Just the notification service sucks out a good amount of battery. You can switch off the live location feature.

3. Google Maps – This is one application which is the best companion for the commuters but they do consume a lot of battery charge. When the app is not in use, you can stop the app from updating itself and turn off GPS mode. Make adjustments in the location feature as well. Unless you need it, you can switch the app off completely.

4. Facebook Messenger – This is another popular app that consumed a lot of battery. There is also a messenger version known as Messenger Lite that is lighter and consumes less energy.

5. WhatsApp – Popular instant messaging site, which now has numerous features and makes it heavy on the phone and its battery. Similar to Facebook, the users can turn off the push notifications and can also stop watching videos on the application as it consumes a major portion of the battery charge.

Whatever, the applications are being used, it is up to the user of the phone to be technically sound and make the battery last longer.

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