LG to show off 5-inch flexible plastic phone screen

South Korean electronic giant LG is known for its innovative gadgets such as ultra-wide phones, see-through phones, slo-mo phones and even its watch phones. This time, the company has come up with its first OLED screen that is made of plastic which means that it is flexible.


It is mainly for mobile devices and is less vulnerable to drops and scrapes. LG will be showing it off this week in Vancouver at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2013 show. The company is looking forward to its next generation of TFT technology with 5-inch HD screens that have bezels 1 mm thick, which according to LG, enables borderless smartphones that are lightweight and also emit less heat.

At the Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2013 show LG will also be showing off a 55-inch curved OLED TV, full HD screens for 7-inch tablets with a near-retina 300 pixels per inch.

In April 2013, the company promised that it would launch its flexi-screen blower, to be available by Christmas 2013 and will be a concept that is similar to that of Samsung’s wraparound Youm. US-based Apple is also looking for a flexible display expert to possibly develop a wearable tech with.

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