Mobile music app launched by Myspace

These days, social networking service Myspace is making efforts for a comeback to the mobile application world and has launched a mobile app which offers unlimited streaming of radio stations, which are programmed by such artists as Thirty Seconds to Mars, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake and Lady Antebellum.


This new application from Myspace will be available through Apple’s App Store. The app will allow users to create and program their very own radio stations, or to tune in to those stations which are programmed by artists or Myspace. The app’s features will help users to discover and connect with other people who have similar musical taste or interests as themselves.

The new app will also come with a twist, as users will be able to create short, stop-motion images with the help of iPhone’s camera and share these images on Myspace or anywhere else. The application represents an extension of the newly-redesigned social network, which is returning to its original roots, as a place where musicians and fans can come together and connect. Myspace just got out from its public beta test stage and features visually very interesting look.

The site will also allow artists to show off their music and put together playlists and upload photos, videos and promote concerts.

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