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Ouya Android console sells out on

Video game console Ouya recently went on sale on the online retail giant and almost instantly sold out. Reports say that the UK, as well as US websites of Amazon were checked for the availability of the console, after which it was found that listed the console as being released on Tuesday, June 25, 2013.


Both websites are showing the game console as ‘unavailable’ and say that customers can continue to place their orders and that they will deliver the console once it is available again. The UK-based Amazon website is offering a three-week wait period to its visitors. More information have been requested regarding the stocks and sales, but the response is still being waited on.

The demand might be high due to the console’s low price and the penny change from £100, which might excuse some hardware failings. One of the users said, “The build quality seems cheap compared to the PS3, Xbox, and even the Wii”. Another user said that not many games are available for the Ouya and that they have not noticed any standouts among them.

Gamestick, another game console, was supposed to be launched in June 2013, but the launch date has been postponed for August 2013. The developers say that they will use the extra time to refine the console.

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