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HP working on a smartphone

Computer manufacturing giant Hewlett-Packard has a new smartphone in the works to bring to the market. The news about the future phone was confirmed by an executive from the company. The senior director for consumer PCs and media tablets in Asia, Yam Su Yin said that HP has to be in the game when it comes to smartphones and that it would be a bad business decision for the company to stay out of the market.


The company pulled out of the mobile market in 2011, after its TouchPad tablet got a very poor response as it was based on its webOS. At that time, HP did not think twice whether to shut the division down and then decided to sell the OS before opening it to developers in 2012. In recent times, the company has been dealing with Android and released its 21-inch tablet/desktop hybrid which runs on Android OS 4.2.2.

There are also rumors going around that the company has plans to develop a full-fledged Android laptops, rather than tablets with keyboard docks which are already on the market. Yin confirmed that the company is working on a smartphone, but has not stated any timetable for it.

The official went on to say that being late in the market adds the pressure to create something different from others.

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