Yahoo announces wish list page for inactive users

On July 15, 2013, Internet giant Yahoo Inc. has officially launched the wish list page, where internet users can submit their request for top five choices in terms of usernames. In June 2013, the company announced that it will be introducing some major changes on the different Yahoo products, which include Flickr, Weather, Homepage, Search and Mail.


One of these changes includes resetting of Yahoo IDs which have been inactive for about 12 months and making them available for registration to new users. Yahoo said that users whose accounts were not active for the past 12 months – but are still interested in keeping them – have to login to their accounts before July 15, 2013.

However, for people who failed to login, their inactive accounts are required to submit their username choices on their wish list page. A link will be provided to users in an email, in order to claim the username within 48 hours. The senior director of platforms at Yahoo Inc, Dylan Casey said that users will receive an email to inform them regarding the availability of any of the usernames that they submitted on the wish list page.

Moreover, Yahoo also said that it is working with e-commerce and social networking sites in identifying the new owners of a particular username.

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