Twitter issues apology for resetting user passwords by mistake

Social networking site Twitter issued an apology to its users as it accidentally reset a huge number of passwords and sent a warning to owners of profiles that their accounts have been compromised. The social network was quick to admit the mistake.


An email from Twitter said, “Twitter believes that your account may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter.” The message also stated that the password has been reset in order to prevent accessing the account. Initially, it seemed like the website was once hacked once again, but then the news came out that Twitter’s email was the result of a glitch in the system.

So far, it is not clear how many people were affected by this, but reports said that the number of users affected are in thousands. The social network apologized for the inconvenience that was caused to its users. If a user received this kind of an email, then he or she will have to change the password in order get back into the account.

This move might even be a good one for users as a security measure. As usual, Twitter users were quick to express panic about the situation on the social network. However, such issues have now become a common thing and happen on a regular basis.

Photo Credits: BP

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