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Amazon’s smartphone to feature 3D interface

Online retail giant Amazon is reportedly preparing to launch its own smartphone in 2014. Recent reports stated that the upcoming smartphone by the retailer will have a 3D interface which will be powered by four infrared cameras.

amazon 3d

Some details regarding the new smartphone have leaked online and it has been revealed that it will feature a custom 3D interface with four infrared cameras. The report also stated that the Amazon phone will have a total of six cameras. Apart from the standard front and rear cameras, the device will have four front-facing infrared cameras which will work with the help of sensors in order to create 3D effects of the software.

The four cameras are reportedly located in the four corners on the device’s face and will be used to track user’s face and eyes and where they are in relation to the smartphone’s display. This will also enable the company to make constant adjustments to the positioning of different on-screen elements, which will result in changing the perspective of visuals. Thanks to this, users will be able to use the device without the 3D glasses.

Reports also say that the smartphone by Amazon will have various wallpaper options which will shift as users tilt the phone from side to side. The 3D effects will also be applied to the phone’s icons.

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