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LG to launch Android smartwatch with Always-On display

South Korean tech giant LG has revealed a teaser page for its upcoming G Watch, which has informed that the Android Wear-based smartwatch will be featuring a display that is ‘always-on’. This will be one of the biggest differences from a number of Galaxy Gear watches, as they tend to keep the screen turned off until users flick their wrists upwards.


However, the company did not reveal what kind of technology it has used for the always-on screen, but it is possible that it has used a ‘transflective’ LCD screen, like the one which is used on Sony’s SmartWatch 2. The color display of Sony’s device can last for a couple of days on a single charge, but then it goes into grayscale mode in order to save power when it is not in use.

Another possibility is the Mirasol display technology of Qualcomm, which has the ability to stay on for many days in full color. Mirasol is yet to be introduced in mass market products, but Qualcomm is already selling the experimental Mirasol-based watch known as the Toq for $250.

LG also stated that the device will be water- and dust-resistant and the company will introduce black with a black wrist strap and champagne gold with a white strap versions of it.

Photo Credits: Geeky Gadgets

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