Amazon shopping to be done directly from Twitter

Online retail giant Amazon has teamed up with the social networking site Twitter. A brand new system has been introduced thanks to which Amazon and Twitter users will stay connected. As of now, shoppers can use the hashtag #AmazonCart and they will be able to send an Amazon product link on their Twitter feed to the online shopping cart.


An ad on YouTube explained the new system and said, “Enjoying your Twitter feed, but don’t want to forget to purchase something important? Now Amazon let’s you add items to your cart directly from Twitter”. However, there is a catch, as your Twitter followers will be able to see what you have added to your Amazon account.

The online retailer explained in a blog post that most of the content is public on the social networking site so the user’s #AmazonCart replies will be visible to whomever the user replied, as well as to those who are viewing the conversation and on the user’s Timeline, unless the account is private.

The new feature can be useful for users, but they might not use this system for gifts or items that they might be embarrassed about buying. A similar feature was introduced by Amazon in 2013 which allowed the American Express card members to buy products through specific hashtags.

Photo Credits: USA Today

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