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iPhone 6 camera likely to deliver amazing quality of photos

A recent patent filing has managed to attract attention to the camera features of the upcoming iPhone 6 by Apple. The latest report suggested that the patent filing has shown that the company’s new iPhone will have the ability to capture super-HD images via an ‘image-capture device’. 


Certain media reports say that the iPhone 6 camera might have the potential because of the timing of the patent. Rumors say that Apple might be adding a brand new technology – called Optical Image Stabilization tech – to the upcoming iPhone. Additional reports say that InvenSense might provide the required hardware for the highly-anticipated device.

The patent explains in detail how the camera will work and how it will make it possible to capture super-HD images. This can be done with the help of OIS processor adjusting the optical path to the phone’s electronic image sensor. For those users who are not very interested in photography, it is important to know that the iPhone 6 will be able to deliver images of amazing quality, if this camera becomes a reality.

Moreover, it will be good to see if the new iPhone 6 actually succeeds in implementing OIS into the cameras as it has been indicated that the technology has many benefits.

Photo Credits: The full signal

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