Windows 8 banned by Chinese government

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has been officially banned by the Chinese government from all its computers. Report from a local news agency in China says that move has been taken to improve the security on the government computers.


However, the government or the news agency did not clarify on how the ban would help the government in terms of security. The recent news of the Windows 8 ban has come due to the growing animosity between the two countries. On May 19,2014 the US government had charged many of the Chinese government officials with allegedly hacking the networks in the US.

But the Chinese government responded that the US has been engaged in cyberespionage and also criticized all the allegations made by the US. The decision to ban the Operating system was made earlier so it did not relate to the charges made on Monday. On the other hand Microsoft looks at the latest ban as one of the long list of issues the company has faced in China. In 2012, Microsoft had accused none Chinese computer resellers of running unlicensed software before the launch of the Windows 8.

The company had also tried working with the government to ease the effects of illegal copying but the efforts could not bear much fruit.

Photo Credits: Neowin

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