HP unveils new Android laptop line up

Electronics manufacturing giant HP has introduced its new portable laptop/tablet hybrids. The new products will include Chromebook which runs on Google’s operating system. This could be a first for HP.

HP laptop

The upcoming generation of PC portfolio has plenty of innovative form factors with multiple operating system options. The new product series will have five new systems , a new HP Chromebook, Envy X 360 and Pavilion X 360 convertible laptops, the Split X 2 with a detachable screen and a Slatebook PC. The HP new Slatebook is a 14-inch laptop which runs on Android’s 4.3 Jelly bean operating system.

The device has a 1.8 Ghz quadcore Nvidia Tegra 4 processor with 2 GB Memory and up to 64 GB flash storage. HP said that the 16 mm thickness notebook will give its users access to more than one million Android apps and games on Google Play. The company has claimed that the device will have a battery life of up to nine hours and is expected to be priced around $399 when it is launched.

The Split X2 is lightweight, sleek and has a detachable PC. The screen can be pulled off and be used as a tablet. It has a 13.3 inch system which has a dual battery, one at the base and one in the tablet. It is likely to be priced around $599.99.

Photo Credits: Onlinegadgetstore

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