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Amazon to unveil its 3D smartphone this June

E-commerce giant Amazon is all set to launch its new 3D smartphone this June.

Speculations about online retail giant – Amazon – working on a 3D smartphone have finally been confirmed.  Amazon will be hosting a launch event for the device on June 18, 2014 in Seattle. Unlike other device launch events, this one is not exclusive, anyone can request an invitation directly from Amazon.

3d smartphone

The company has released a new teaser video which shows excited users swaying from side to side while they hold a device in their hands – the device is off screen.

It’s also being hinted that the new 3D phones will have advanced eye- tracking technology. The device will be able to create 3D images without the need for the 3D glasses. The images will be created with the help of four cameras.

With the latest technology, the users might be able to see everything from a wallpaper to street maps in 3D. Every application will be changing based on the viewer’s perspective.

So far, glasses free 3D technology hasn’t featured in any of the smartphones, but Amazon also has to make sure that the feature does not overstrain the eyes of the users.

Amazon  is said to be launching two versions of the handset, so there are possibilities that the other version would be a non-3D version.

The future of technology has truly arrived!

Photo Credits: Inside radius

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