Unicode announces 250 new emojis

Smartphone users can now express more on chat as Unicode announces 250 new emojis.

The Unicode Consortium, announced the Unicode 7.0 which which will have more than 250 new emoji characters introduced for smartphones and computers. The UC is a industry body which is devoted to develop and promote software standards. The new emoji characters include symbols for weather, like the thermometer, tornado and many such other innovative symbols.


The reference designs and descriptions for the new symbols are set by Unicode, but the actual implementation can vary widely between the device manufacturers. It is also likely that many of the manufacturers will make the most of this update to fix other long standing issues with emoji. The Unicode images are never in color and are usually a little more simple than the line drawings.

Smartphone giant Apple in March, 2014 apologized for having just two non-white faces in the implementation of characters and also promised to include more in a future update. Apple made the changes after a petition was made for the lack of color in the default set of the company.

The new version of Unicode 7.0 includes additions outside the realm of the emoji. The consortium also added that some major enhancements were made to the indic script properties.

Photo Credits: Guardian

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