Amazon launches exclusive online Wearable Technology Store

Amazon opens up mega online store dedicated exclusively to wearable devices.

Online retail giant has announced the launch of its exclusive online Wearable Technology Store. The new move comes after all major tech companies – Apple, Samsung, Microsoft – have entered the wearable device market, smartwatches, sports trackers, wearable cameras are all being rolled out one after the other.


The store is now live and features more than 100 different wearable devices which include smartwatches, activity trackers, smartglasses and wearable cameras. The online store has featured listings of some of the technology industry giants like Sony, Jawbone, Samsung, Garmin and Gapro. The new store will also sell products of emerging brands like Basis, Amazon and Misfit.

Amazon in its announcement said, “Customers will be able to learn about devices which are ‘coming soon’ and be amongst the first to purchase the latest technology by pre-ordering new releases, including the A Sauvage Wireless Charging Trousers.”

The store also has a learning centre for those who are not familiar with the inner workings of the devices which are lined up in the store.

The tutorial will include, compatibility information, product details, images, videos, buying guides and product reviews. With this recent move, Amazon is stepping up to encourage the usage of wearable devices among consumers, who have so far not really warmed up to the idea of wearable technology.

Photo Credits: Techtimes

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