LG unveils transparent 18 inch display

You can now roll up your screens, with LG’s new transparent and flexible display screens.

South Korean electronics giant LG has introduced a curvy OLED display which can be rolled up. The 18 inch flexible panel has a 1280 X 810 resolution and uses a film of high performance plastic known as polyimide that lends it the flexibility. The screen can be rolled to a radius of 3 cm without losing its functionality.

LG flexible display

It can also be wrapped around a pencil while still presenting a picture. During recent times, LG’s arch rival – Samsung – has also introduced a 5.7 inch bendy display for smartphones which use AMOLED technology. In terms of curved displays the E-ink alternative can serve as the best lightweight monochrome design which consumes less power.

The first prototype of LG was released in 2010 which was a 19 inch ePaper display. But the new product is a full color panel and one of its unique features is that the users can see through the screen. The transparent pixel technology makes it work and delivers 30% transmittance which the company is expecting to increase to 40% when the larger panels are rolled out.

The new transparency factor is expected to catch on to the digital signage applications and can also be used at homes. The black rectangular boxes might slowly be counted as old technology.

Photo Credits: Slash gear

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