Amazon launches Prime Music service in UK

Online retail giant Amazon has now entered the streaming market in the UK and has launched its Prime Music service. The new service is available to Amazon Prime Customers as a part of their annual £79 subscription.

prime music

Amazon’s new service will open access to more than one million songs and 500 specially treated playlists. The new service has been dropped top compete with the existing players like Deezer, Spotify and Google Play. Even Apple has launched its Music and Jay-Z’s Tidal in 2015.
But as some beginnings have a few glitches, there are a few issues yet to be solves in the service. Some of the tracks of Abba, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West and Eminem are not available to be launched. Even the US version of the Amazon’s service do not have the tracks from the Universal Music Group. The service was launched in the US in June 2014.
Reports say that the record company that accounts for a third of the global music market was having a few disputes over royalty payments. But still the new Amazon music service cannot be compared with the services of Apple and Spotify that has 30 million tracks each. The Prime Music customers will have access to CDs or MP3s bought at Amazon’s store.

Photo Credits: Guardian

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