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Amazon no more sells Fire phone

Online retail giant Amazon has stopped selling the Fire phone that went on sale in July 2014. The device is no longer available on the official site and AT&T’s online store. Customers who are looking for the smartphone will have to look in to the other retail giant ebay Inc.

amazon Fire

Kinley Pearsall a spokeswoman for Seattle-based Amazon said, “We don’t plan to replenish stock at this time. We will continue to support our Fire phone customers.” The Fire Phone was introduced by Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos. The phone had 3-D viewing and image recognition technology. Amazon was not able to improve sales figures and cut its price by 99 cents three months after it was launched at $199.99 with a carrier contract.
The company then took a $170 million inventory charge in October that was due mostly due to the phone that failed to pick up in the market. It also contributed to the worst quarterly loss that it faced in more than a decade and also sent the stocks of the company stumbling. It is not clear, if the company is interested in introducing a new Fire phone.
Several engineers who worked on the smartphone were reportedly laid off. The Fire phone was taken back the moment when Apple introduced its latest version of the iPhone.

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