Amazon files for smart glasses patent

Online shopping giant Amazon is likely to enter in to the world of smart glasses. A new patent was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a pair of AR-enabled glasses. The upcoming glasses by Amazon could be a competition for the Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens.

The upcoming wearable device by Amazon with a mobile device like tablet to display AR content. The device is expected to be different from the recently developed smart glasses. The patent has mentioned that the new smart glasses by Amazon will have the ability to flip from 3D screen to transparent glass panel.
This has hinted that the presence of mixed reality would allow the viewers interact with the real world at the same time wearing the glasses. The patent says, “On the one hand, a large screen is beneficial for watching movies, playing games and even reading email comfortably”. Amazon had filed for the patent in September 2013.
The smart glasses are expected to have two different layers , display and variable transparency.
The device might also have a feature to allow the users switch between both the layers with the help of a single touch button. The Amazon smart glasses will come in two variants wired and wireless.

Photo Credits: businessinsider

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