YouTube launches new Blur tool for moving objects

Online video streaming site YouTube has improved the face blur tool that was launched in 2012. The feature now has a custom blurring tool that allows the creators of the content to hide some sensitive content that has not to be made public.
The best part of this feature is that the new tool blurs the moving as well as the still objects. However, the feature for now is limited to the desktop version of YouTube as many of the users post their content from laptops and computers. The announcement by the company has said that the more advanced tool is supposed to help the video creators safely hide the critical information like credit card details, license plates on vehicles, wardrobe malfunctions and other delicate content.
The users have to just select their video that they want to edit and open the Blurring effects tab in the Enhancements tool and this is where the Custom Blurring option was placed. After the box is drawn on the object to be hidden, it automatically keeps the box over the chosen object even when it moves.
The users will also have the option to keep the box in one place as long as they want to set it. YouTube also announced the recent requisition of BandPage which is a startup that helps musicians to increase their revenue and fan bases.

Photo Credits: ndtv

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