Gmail introduces improved features for protecting digital loss

Search engine giant Google has expanded the digital loss protection features in Gmail for Work. This will help the employees do not share confidential information outside the company that they work for.
The users of Gmail can now have optical character recognition in attachments due to which the administrators can make sure that the employees do not share any confidential information in images whether intentionally or not. The new feature has been added to the existing features like the ability to look inside the common attachment types, like spreadsheets and documents.
Moreover, the OCR capabilities are integrated with the content detectors, so that the administrators can do certain things like preventing the people from accounting department from sending an email with a credit card number to someone who does not belong to the organization. This is one of the most important feature that the businesses are worried about despite the fact that the employees do not intend to do anything wrong.
The search engine has added more predefined content detectors with this update that included the ones that cover information that is personally identifiable in additional countries. There are some of the organizations who demand for finer control over their DLP policies which can take advantage of the new parameters in Gmail for Work settings.

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