Twitter introduces Connect tab to find People to follow

Twitter has introduced a new Connect tab that will help the users to select the right people to follow. The new feature on the micro blogging site aims to emit the fear of the users to miss out.
With the Connect tab, it will give a detailed list of people and accounts. The new button can be found by tapping the blue head icon on the top left of the app. Twitter has a base of about 310 million users that includes celebrities, family, politicians, comedians and more which can make it difficult for the users to follow the right people.
Product Manager Ricardo Castro in a blog post wrote, “To give you the best recommendations—which we’ll continue to refine over time—we look at who you already follow, tweets you like, popular accounts in your local area, what’s happening in the world right now, and more”. Castro added that the feature will also let the users know why they are showing every recommendation.
The new feature is for now loaded on the iOS and Android platforms. The tab will also allow the option to automatically sync to the address book of the users so that it makes it easy to keep up with the new users and old friends.

Photo Credits: slashgear

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