Amazon launches new online video posting service

Online shopping giant Amazon will now allow its visitors to upload and post videos and earn money from advertising, royalties and more. With the introduction of the new feature, Amazon has put itself in a close competition with search engine giant Google’s YouTube.

However, Amazon is already offering TV Programs and movies over the internet and it includes its own original productions to compete with Netflix Inc. The new product from Amazon will give its customers more options about what to watch without charging any additional fee as many of those posting videos will be paid based on how the content performs.
Earlier Amazon had used a similar marketing strategy to boost its inventory of electronic books through Kindle Direct Publishing. This proves to be helpful for the authors to skip the traditional publishers ad reach the readers directly by posting and selling their e-books online.
Amazon said that the new service has been designed for professional video producers but the videos need to be high definition and must have close captioning for the hearing impaired. On the other hand Amazon is a bit late to challenge YouTube which already has more than a billion viewers who help it generate plenty of revenue through advertising and more. The online shopping giant is looking at Amazon as a new way to attract customers.

Photo Credits: blogcdn

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