GoPro’s Drone Karma is Set to Hit Markets on October 23 2016

GoPro drone - Karma

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman introduced the new foldable Karma drone during a press event in Olympic Valley, California on September 19, 2016.  This incredible gadget would feature the new Hero5 cameras essential to capture moments in a modern and stylish way. In practical use, GoPro drone Karma Camera was able to capture a wide angle video without the propellers interfering with its field of view. The GoPro drone Karma is scheduled to be released on 23rd October.

Here’s How to Use GoPro drone Karma

One should flip out the folded propeller arms and its land gear. These are the most delicate parts of the drone yet most essential. Any breakage is practically irreplaceable and would render the drone useless. The rest is a compact body. The Hero 4 cameras are attached and can be hooked using a Type-C port or mini USB connector.

Nick Woodman on GoPro Karma’s Design

CEO Nick Woodman with Karma

Promised to be “so much more than a drone” by GoPro’s founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman, Karma’s design addresses four of the most annoying problems of its direct competitor, the DJI Phantom 4, regarding- portability, versatility, simplicity and price.

GoPro drone Karma has a unique compact design that allows it to fit in nearly any backpack. The drone itself is a quad blade like most drones. It weighs approximately 2.2 pounds. Alongside it are accessories such as the controller, stabilizing gimbal and its battery. These additions will make the overall package weigh at least four pounds.

Nick Woodman on Why the Drone is Named Karma

“We felt that Karma helps people capture such incredibly beautiful experiences that it can actually go on to motivate those who watch those experiences and go out and make more of themselves — to live a bigger life,” Woodman said. 

“GoPro enables people to share experiences in such a way that the people who are receiving that story, in some ways, feel as though they experienced it themselves. Because the story was not captured from the sidelines, the story was captured from within the experience. So in this way, GoPro is an experience-transfer company. An experience-sharing company. And there’s an energy transfer in that. A chi transfer in that to a certain degree, potentially, a karma transfer to that”, he further added.

In conclusion, the GoPro drone Karma is a useful gadget to spend on. With its modular design and detachable parts, it brings an essence with a high degree ease of use. Flying the device using a video game-style controller is by far one of the most adventurous experience.

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