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Samsung Suspends Production of Recalled Note7 After More Battery Explosions


Samsung Has Suspended Worldwide Sales and Has Asked All Note7 Users to Stop Using The Device, Amid Exploding Phone Crisis

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone company with the largest market share. The mobile phone manufacturer has suspended the production of the much anticipated Galaxy Note 7. The news comes after recall of the phone that were prompted by battery explosion. The replacement for the recalls suffered a subsequent battery explosion necessitating two of its major distributors halting the phones replacement.  AT&T and T Mobile have been heavily affected by the incident.

Halting exchanges – Samsung and AT&T

The two companies announced that they would halt exchanges of the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 until further investigations are conducted. Although the South Korean phone manufacturer declined to comment, South Korean Yonhap news agency reported that a decision had been made to temporarily stop production following cooperation between the consumer safety regulators from South Korea, United States and China.

The lithium battery explosion Incidents on Samsung’s Note7

This news follows reports of a Samsung replaced smartphone that started to smoke and make popping sounds in a Southwest Airlines flight in Kentucky. The police had to evacuate the occupants of the airplane following the incidence with the replacement phone casting more doubt on the smartphone giant. Brian Green 43, reported that the device was a Galaxy Note 7 replacement that he collected from AT&T retail shop on September 21. The recalls followed reports of battery overheating or catching fire. The South Korean smartphone giant assured its customers that the replacement were safe only for the incidence to occur

AT&T reported that it would still allow customers to exchange their phones for another Samsung phone or any other device. On the other hand, T-Mobile reported that it stopped the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and replacements.

Samsung’s share price fell by 7.5 per cent on Tuesday morning, wiping 19 trillion Korean won (£13.8bn) off its value. The company had struggling to cope with the unprecedented recall of more than 2.5 million handsets, its biggest crisis in years.

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