Samsung’s Latest PR Nightmare- Exploding Washing Machines!

Samsung's exploding washing machines

First it was the smartphones, now it’s the washing machines

Days after the company faced the challenge of managing the Galaxy Note & smartphone faulty batteries publicity headache its Washing machines are in the bad books. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS) issued a warning on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 of Samsung Washing Machines exploding and causing damage of property and even injuries.

The explosions are allegedly the product of heavy vibrations in top-load washing machines made between March 2011 and April 2016, which cause the units to become unfastened, resulting in a dramatic centrifugal explosion that destroys the machine and nearby property. The news comes just two weeks after Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones for exploding due to a reaction caused by lithium ion batteries.

Customers from several states, including Texas, Georgia and Indiana, have all said their washing machines exploded during use. 21 people so far have reported to the CPSC that their machines have malfunctioned.

samsung exploding washing machines

Samsung’s Response

Samsung has already responded to the allegations. The multinational through a consumer notice on its website advises its customers to use the delicate cycle when doing cleaning for heavier items. On the notice, the company points out that there have been no reported incidents when using the delicate cycle. Unlike the smartphones, Samsung is yet to announce a list of washing machine models that may be affected. However, the company has directed its customers to check their Samsung Washing Machines models serial numbers and compare with the listing on their website.

The Public Relations Nightmare

The reputation of the brand is at stake. According to brand expert Tony Chapman who spoke on the incidence, the malfunction will not be treated as an isolated incidence especially in consideration of the latest battery explosion of Samsung phones issue. The brand value and market perception of the brand is most likely to be affected. While companies have recovered from such PR incidences, Samsung has a number of disadvantages to its side. These disadvantages include the fact that the company is in a highly competitive market. The incidence will also be viewed to be among a list of malfunctions of the brand not to mention that the malfunction directly affects the health of the users.

It is however important to note that Samsung customer have complete hundreds of millions of loads without any such incidents since 2011.

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