Amazon is Reportedly Making Premium Alexa Powered Echo Speakers With a 7-Inch Screen

The rumors are indeed true. The world’s leading online retailer Amazon, is developing a high powered premium echo-like speaker with 7-inch screen, and we think this is mainly for two reasons.

To capitalize in its already successful device sales and to oust competitors like Google and Apple Inc.

Amazon is known for its cylindrical home devices that are controlled by the company’s digital voice assistant Alexa. The Alexa Powered Echo Speakera will be bigger in size and will apparently tilt upwards, for the screen to be visible when it sits on a counter. It will also be possible for a user while standing to access display content such as weather, appointments and news.

Take a look at these amazing features of the Alexa Powered Echo Speakers by Amazon:

1. Optimized version of Fire OS which also runs on Amazon’s Fire tablets and and Fire TV set top boxes.

2. The speaker responds to verbal commands like Alexa devices.

3. Users can pin items such as photos on the screen even though this feature is still in the testing phase.

4. Seven Inch touch screen. WOW!


Sources say that the sound comes out great at any volume. The product is yet to be announced even though inside sources have disclosed that this could be done in the first quarter of 2017. It is obvious that the Alexa powered gadget intends to stay ahead of the competition as many users prefer and use Alexa to Alphabet’s Google Home Speaker and Apple Inc’s Siri.

Amazon has not revealed much about this new device but has stated that it plans to keep selling Dot, Tap and Echo speakers which cost $50, $130 and $180 respectively. We can therefore expect the new model screen to be priced much higher. Sources close to Amazon have said that this is a gadget intended to bring out some amazing experience.

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After taking a look at the sound system, it looks really impressive and something we should look forward to due to its high grade speakers.

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