HP TouchPad unveiled, direct rival to the Apple iPad

Gadget Herald: HP, the American technology giant has unveiled the TouchPad tablet PC and it is said to be a direct rival to the Apple iPad. The company has unveiled a line of tablets this week and they are scheduled to make it into the market this summer. The new device is quite similar in size to the Apple iPad, and it hopes to pip this device in terms of performance.

The latest TouchPad is a 9.7 inch tablet, which is running on the WebOS operating system, which has been developed by Palm, the cell phone company HP purchased last year. Palm was purchased for a whooping $1.2 billion and HP has used the Palm smartphone OS for its tablet PC, and is expecting to perform well.

According to the experts, this tablet PC has massive power in it, and runs the WebOS with ease. In addition to that, it also runs all the applications and features on the TouchPad without a hiccup. The device is powered by a 1.4 Ghz Qualcomm Processor and has 8GB of internal storage, plus a front facing camera for video calling.

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