Best Buy extends return period for TouchPad by 60 days

Gadget Herald: After computer manufacturing giant Hewlett Packard called off the sales of the new TouchPad, the popular retailer Best Buy has extended the return period to 60 more days. The return period of the product has been extended in case more customers want to return the TouchPads.

HP recently discontinued the line due to low sales. Some of the early adopters of the TouchPad are even trying to find out if they could get a full refund for the tablet that they purchased just a few days back.

Best Buy has extended the return period to 60 more days in order to allow the customers to get their full refund. They are also allowing the customers to talk about another tablet on the website.

It has also been notified that Best Buy’s price match does not apply to the TouchPad. The customer has to return the TouchPad in order to get the full refund. On Thursday, it was announced that the company would be stopping the production of the TouchPad after the poor sales of the tablet. HP had also announced that along with the TouchPad the company would also stop making smart phones that are based on the webOS.

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