Best Earphones Under Rs 2000 With Mic in India


In today’s world earphones are extensively gaining popularity. For music lovers nothing beats great sound quality. Several factors play a role when purchasing earphones such as design, portability, and warranty, noise cancelling ability, mic, durability, compatibility with major smart phones and finally the allocated budget. For the fashion enthusiast color is a major contributor when purchasing any item.

Buying earphones has its fair share of challenges. This is because of the many brands available and high pricing. Fortunately, these brands thought about it and came up with economy-friendly earphones without comprising the quality. Sound quality, proper fitting and comfort are paramount for any headphone.

Contrary to the assumption that quality is directly proportional to price, these headphones have proven otherwise. Through extensive research and consideration of online reviews from actual buyers these five earphones takes home the crown. Below are features giving them massive praise.

Sennheiser CX 275 S In-Ear Headphones
This Sennheiser model is compatible with major android smart phones and iPhones in the market. It comes with an in-built mic, adaptor cable, ear adapters of varying sizes and awesome bass stereo. It is convenient and easy to use. Sennheiser CX275s comes with a pouch to prevent it from getting scratches and for easier portability. It has an outstanding sound quality.

It retails around Rs 1900 in major electronic outlets. To sweeten the deal Sennheiser Company has two years warranty period internationally. It is available in black.
Soundmagic E10C in- Ear Headphones with Microphone
True to its name, this brand sound quality and functionality can best be described as magical. It has a triple buttoned mic. Beside the call button that receives and ends calls, it comes with other two buttons. One button is for regulating the bass volume while the other one plays and pauses music. This way calls are managed effectively. It has multiple silicon ear buds for perfect fitting, adapter and a casing.
If you have been on the lookout for earphones that are classy and deliver quality, you can check out Sound Magic E10C in- earphones. You can relax and experience your favorite music with best sound performance ever.
It offers value for your money with all the impressive features. It is available in red and gold colors.
SONY MDR-EX255AP In-Earphones with Mic
This is a product of world-renowned electronics manufacturer Sony. It stands out for wired connectivity, compatibility with smart phones, well-fitting Silicone ear buds and audio control. The audio control allows effective calls management, playing and pausing music.
Sony MDR-EX255AP gives quality output for music lovers without breaking the bank. This is a true definition of quality for less.

It is available in multiple colors to suite your sense of style such as white, Black, red and blue. Its price is about Rs 1600.

Boat Rockerz 400 Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

Similar to other Boat Rockerz headphones, this series has great performance. It has a rechargeable battery. The latest noise cancellation technology makes its audio quality clear.

It features Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 40mm drivers, smart audio control, audio and charging cables, in-built mic and deep bass. The battery holds a good amount of power and is perfect for travel and outdoors activities.

It retails below Rs 2000. It is available in black /red, green / grey, black/blue, pure and pure black.

JBL T200A In-Ear Headphones with Mic
The heart of every ear phone is the sound quality. JBL T200A in- Ear headphone has powerful 9mm drivers. This maintains the deep bass quality. It features a great design. There are varieties of colors to choose from including as black, blue and white. This brand has in-built mic and wireless blue tooth connectivity. Unlike many earphones that cannot tolerate rough activities, JBL is great for sports. It is extremely light and easy to use.
It has three pairs of silicon ear buds in varying sizes for comfort and a pouch. JBL has a single multipurpose in-line control remote that regulates volume, receives and ends calls.
It is available in black.


If you are in search of high-performance headphone with good sound quality, easy to use and pocket friendly, then the models above are great option. Whether you intend to use them for listening to music, transcribing or receiving calls you are assured of quality. They are perfectly tailored to meet your all your needs.

Photo Credits: Soundmagic

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