Next generation Xbox consoles likely in 2020s


Xbox consoles are one of the popular gaming consoles by Microsoft. Phil Spencer, the chief at Xbox has confirmed that it is busy in designing the next generation Xbox consoles and is expected to get a released in the next two years. There are reports that the new consoles by Xbox might come out some time in 2020.

The exciting part is that Microsoft is working on a secret project known as Scarlet which will be a family of devices instead of just one console. The Xbox One X has the ability for gaming in 4K definition and has not been around for long so there are not many chances that another device might come out any time soon. However, the information about the upcoming devices has been shared as Sony has recently revealed the PS5 is not expected to get a release for the next three years so this might be a good opportunity for Microsoft to be one step ahead of its competitors.

Since the past couple of years, backward compatibility has been a major focus point for Xbox as the original Xbox and 360 games has been in the market for the current devices of the company. So it is predictable that the new consoles will have this feature as well for the games which are coming out at the moment. Talking about its more expected features, analysts have predicted that the next generation consoles would be the latest as the streaming devices would take over. There are chances that streaming might play a role in the release.

During the E3 in 2016 the software giant revealed that they are working on the Xbox TV but that could not be worked out but there are chances that they might come up with something similar. Analysts say that it can be the Amazon Fire stick with more games. The streaming devices were priced at $99 and allowed the users to access the  games from another TV in the household.

Photo Credits: Tweak Town

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