LG announces 8K OLED and LCD TVs for 2019


LG is all set to make a big announcement at the CES all set to begin next week. The company is all set to launch its 8K OLED and LCD TVs for 2019. Before the big announcement is made at the biggest tech show, LG has given an idea of what the users can expect from its next generation TVs. The main attraction is its 88in Z9 8K OLED TV. It is the fully realized and now the named version of the 88 in 8K prototype that was seen in 2018.

The press release by LG does not have any specific mention about the smaller 8K OLED but it is known that the Z9 will be powered by the a9 Gen 2 processor that the company had announced just before Christmas. It is the second generation processor of the one that was found in the LG’s 2018 OLED TVs and will be paired in the 2019 TVs with a new as well as improved algorithm that will deliver an enhanced picture quality.

LG has also explained that the a9 Gen 2 has the abilities of improved brightness by just adjusting its tone mapping in accordance with the ambient conditions that are measured by the TV’s light sensors. The new processor in the TVs can further refine the HDR content by just adjusting the brightness to transform the darkest scenes in to the ones that have incredible contrast, detail and depth of color even in a room which is brightly lit.

The TVs will have Dolby’s latest imaging innovation that has the ability to intelligently adjust Dolby Vision content. LG TVs overall have the competence to deliver compelling HDR experience under varying ambient light. The 4K LED Line up by LG has also been added which confirms to the typical order of the brand with W9, E9 and C9 series. So far there is no mention of the middle setting G series.

Photo Credits: LG Newsroom

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