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Royole shows off its foldable phone FlexPai at CES 2019


Manufacturer of flexible devices Royole, appeared at the tech show CES. CEO Bill Liu on January 7, 2019 showed off its foldable smartphone FlexPai at the tech show and surely did not disappoint. Royole has managed to roll out its gadget while other companies like Samsung are still working on their respective foldable devices. The CES was the first chance to see the FlexPai in action.

Liu showed off a device that could fold a 7.8 inch tablet in to a double sided smartphone. The FlexPai smartphone looks more impressive when held in hand than it did at the launch video from Beijing. Reports say that Royole got a lot of time to polish the product since its debut two months back. When Liu was demonstrating, the phone seemed to fold easily and also showed it launching apps and taking pictures. At the same time people who wanted a personal feel of the phone were left disappointed as the Royole executives kept a close watch on who handled the phone and for what purpose.

The attendees of the CEs are being assured that they would get a chance to see the device up close once the trade show opens up later in the week. For most of the part, the demo on FlexPai was a recap of what is already known about the foldable device. The smartphone is expected to run on Qualcomm’s recently unveiled Snapdragon 855 chipset and a version of Android called Water OS that has features like split screen mode.

The FlexPai sports two cameras – one is a 20 mega pixel main camera and a 16 MP wide-angle lens that works as a rear as well as front camera and it depends on how you have got the phone folded. Apart from the FLexPai, Royole is also hoping to make a case for foldable smartphones. Royole has also argued that an expansive display can help the users get more work done while on the go.

Photo Credits: Android Police

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