Roland to launch Alexa powered keyboard for ease of playing


Alexa has proved to be a very handy virtual assistant in many activities. The assistant will soon also be able to help to control keyboard settings with the help of your voice. The latest keyboard of Roland, is a new version of GO:PIANO and features Alexa built-in. The company has said that this feature offers a hands free control while playing. This means that the player will not have to take their hands off the keys to tweak the sound access any other specific settings. This has been made possible with the combination of the Go:PIANO and a new Roland Alexa Skill.

The company has said that their goal is to set voice control for the musicians at any level. Apart from the hands-free feature the Alexa Skill will also provide access to libraries of play along tunes while enabling sharing of recorded audio clips with family and friends. Roland has promised that it will add the new tools over time and will include compatibility with other instruments. Apart from the Alexa built-in GO:PIANO, Roland also revealed the GO:PIANO 88. The name itself has suggested that the portable keyboard model packs with 88 full sized keys and natural sound from the premium digital pianos from the company.

More interesting features of the GO: PIANO 88 is the built-in Bluetooth connectivity that allows the phone to be used to stream audio from inline piano lessons, tutorial videos and karaoke. Roland is yet to make any official announcement about the fixed pricing or the availability details but the company told a leading daily that it will be launching its Alexa powered GO:PIANO later in the fall.

Roland has insisted that its goal is to allow the pianists to keep their fingers moving instead of worrying about tweaking settings. One of the features will also see Alexa play one half of the keys and the player will be doing the rest during a song that they are trying to learn.

Photo Credits: I4U

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