FaceTime bug allows users to hear call recipients before they answer


Apple will soon be rolling out an update to fix a problematic FaceTime security bug. The update is due to be released next week. The bug allows the users to listen to the audio of the person you are calling before they have even answered. However, repairing the patch might take some time and the users will be receiving a fix of the issue next week despite Apple’s promise that it will be rolling out the update by the end of this week.

Apple in a statement said, ”We have fixed the Group FaceTime security bug on Apple’s servers and we will issue a software update to re-enable the feature for users next week”. The issue is related to the FaceTime’s Group Call feature that was launched in 2018. On the other hand Apple has disabled the Group FaceTime function as it works on a fix. The flaw was brought to notice on January 28, 2019 and has been reported about a number of times by the iPhone owners and many have also posted results on the social media.

Reports say that the bug has affected the calls that are made between Apple’s devices running on iOS 12.1 or later and has also surfaced on Mac computers that receive a FaceTime call. Earlier the users were able to connect the call and llisten in to the audio of the recipient before he or she has accepted or rejected it. Once the call gets connected, any ringtone would stop ringing but the display would continue to be asking the recipient to respond . For now Apple has disabled the Group Face Time and it is no longer possible to replicate the bug.

FaceTime enables audio and video calls on iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch users but the bug presents a very serious privacy issue for the tech giant. The bug can cause some awkward situations if the users go ahead and replicate the bug.

Photo Credits: Cult of Mac

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