Amazon’s smart plug prices drop by 40 percent

smart plug

E-commerce giant Amazon is selling its new Smart Plug to an all time low and has been priced at $15. There are plenty of smart-plugs that are powered by Alexa but only one made by Amazon. Today the device is down at its best price for just $15 and has beaten to its previous low by $5. The smart plug is sleek enough that it does not overlap the outlets. This will allow the users to plug in multiple devices at the same time.

Once the users connect it to the Alexa app they can control it with the help of an Echo or any other Alexa-enabled device. The users can switch on everything from lamps to coffee makers with just the sound of the voice. The Alexa app can also be used to set automatic on/off schedules around the personal routines.

While Amazon is having a huge sale on the Echo Smart devices , the users can also add an ALexa-enabled speaker to the new smart plug. Many of the reviews have christened the smart plug as “fantastic Alexa Accessory” and have given it 4.5 stars all across the e-commerce site. If a user has never used a smart plug before, then it cannot get more simpler than the Amazon’s device.

The users need to just plug in to an outlet, plug in to the light or kitchen appliance or whatever that you want to connect to it and then connect it to the same Wi Fi that your Alexa is connected to. After all the fixing is done and the app is ready with the virtual assistant, it becomes as simple as talking to Alexa to get it turn it on or off. The users can also set schedule times or routines with the help of the app so you do not even need the Alexa smart hub if you do not want one.

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