Amazon’s Echo Dot goes out of stock till March

Echo Dot

The company website has said that the Amazon’s popular smart speaker Echo Dot is now out of stock until early March, 2019. Even Target is out of stock on its site and Best Buy’s stock was limited to two of the three available colors. The gadgets are a few of the ones which are popular among the gadget enthusiasts.

A spokesperson from Amazon in a statement said on February 5, 2019 , “Customer response to the all-new Echo Dot has been incredibly positive. We’re working hard to get it back in stock.” The popular Echo Dot was available for $50 and had first become available in October 2018. The device became out of stock during the holiday times when the consumers are interested in new gadgets and it was at its highest all year.

The Dot has competitors in the market including the Google Home Mini Speaker, which had become the best-selling item on Amazon across the globe during the holidays. It comes as a surprise when an Echo device goes out of stock during a part of the year when it is a quiet time for the shoppers. The Alexa-Powered gadget was promoted by Amazon during a Super Bowl ad on February 3, 2019 which might have sparked interest among the gadget enthusiasts.

The e-commerce giant has said that the customers can check the Echo Dot page online for inventory updates. The company will continue to take new orders but Amazon will not be refilling its shelves until March 5, for its charcoal Dot and March 11 for the heather gray and sandstone. Some of the colors of the Echo Spot, Echo and Echo Plus have been delayed until February 10, 2019, while other colors of the models are available in stock. The Amazon Echo is a hands-free smart speaker that can be controlled with your voice and can be connected to Alexa which is a cloud based service to play music, make calls and do other similar jobs.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends

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