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Samsung to share foldable screen tech with other giants


Samsung is ready to launch its foldable device the Galaxy Fold and one of the first ones to be out in the foldable era. It is one of the few companies which are ready with their respective devices including Huawei. But that does not mean that Samsung does not have a significant advantage over the Huawei device. The Korean giant develops its own smartphone display giant while Huawei has to buy it from other suppliers.

The Samsung display happens to be one of the market leaders in terms of OLED samrtohone screens. It is therefore understood that Samsung is ready to support foldable iPhone and Pixel phones as it has supplied to foldable screen samples to Apple as well as Google. Apple is also expected to launch its foldable phones at some point of time but that is not expected to happen any time before 2020. The iPhone XS successors will maintain the same design that was used last year.

Samsung is reportedly willing to accept orders from both the giants and has reportedly supplied Apple a 7.2 inch foldable display for the iPhones and is a screen that is 0.1 inch smaller than the Galaxy’s Fold’s display. Samples have also been sent to Google. With the latest report it is understood that Samsung is not interested in keeping its foldable tech exclusive for its Galaxy Fold like it did with the flexible OLED screen tech that was used in Galaxy S and Note.

There are more reports which say that the company has also pitched its foldable screen technology to Huawei and Oppo. Samsung can currently manufacture 200,000 foldable display units per month or up to 2.4 million units per year. On the other hand the Galaxy Fold is not expected to exceed one million units in the first year as the company will be first testing the market with the first foldable handset.

Photo Credits: India TOday

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