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Google Fit update delivers much awaited power saving mode


Users of smartwatches often face battery issues. Search engine giant Google is taking steps to address such problems as it is one of the most commonly cited smartwatch complaints. At present, the smartwatches on an average provide a battery life of maximum two days. In order to increase the time between the charges, the latest update of the Google Fit will come with a battery saving low power GPS mode.

For now the details about the update are not so clear as to how the feature is going to work. The search engine has for now confirmed that if a Wear OS watch supports the mode’s requirements, whatever they may be, then any Wear OS partner can take advantage of it and the users will be able to see an improvement in battery life in most of the situations. The low power mode update is launching first on Mobvoi’s Ticwatch Pro and will then be rolled out to other smartwatch models.

At the same time the battery saving varies with every unique situation but the users will experience an improvement in battery life in most situations. There has been no mention of the percentage or metric of potential battery savings given. People who regularly use the watch to work, will possibly be able to see some more time between the charges.

There are chances that there would be a number of specific Wear OS models that will support the new power-saving GPS mode.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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