Concept video by Apple gives an impressive idea on how a foldable iPhone could look like


Foldable smartphones from some of the big giants in the smartphone industry like Samsung and Huawei have created an excitement among the gadget lovers and observers. There are many future buyers who are eagerly looking forward for the craze of foldable smartphones. Some of the major tech events held in recent times have showcased the future device which look promising. Many have even predicted that the foldable devices will be the next happening thing in the smartphone segment.

While many of the companies have already introduced their respective technologies, Apple is no where behind but is going slow and steady in its approach towards the new trend in the market. Last month Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had called on the company to make a splash in the foldable phone market. Moreover, it is worth noting that Apple has already started filing a number of patents related to its upcoming foldable device.

And before the gadget lovers start imagining about an attractive and sleek device, that might hit the shelves soon, it can be noticed that Apple has many times filed patents for products and technologies which have seldom made their way in to the commercial market. Yet there is no harm in terms of imagining what an iPhone foldable phone could look like at this point. In the past few weeks, a number of foldable phones have been seen in the market and is soon expected to hit the market shelves. But the most recent one is the example from the Concepts iPhone which can be enough to create some excitement.

The device that is imagined here is known as the iPhone X Fold which looks remarkably sleek and looks completely different from the Samsung’s bulky Galaxy Fold. Moreover, even the concept packing on the mythical device looks impressive. The imaginative video has surely given an idea that iPhone can surely beat the upcoming foldable devices due in near future.

Photo Credits: Forbes

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