Amazon to allow companies to create Alexa apps for employees


E-commerce giant Amazon is now allowing the companies to create voice skills to be used in office with the launch of Alexa for business. The members will be free to use one of the many blueprints to create their own voice activated commands on Alexa without the need to write the code. The voice apps can be accessed by just the employees of the organization and cannot be used on any devices outside the company.

The blueprints include many of the questions employees regularly bug HR or IT desks including, “When does open enrollment start?”, “Whats the guest Wi Fi password?” and “How do I set up email on my phone?” More Alexa for business Blueprints will help with onboarding new employees, brpadcast pre-recorded messages and even answer common questions. The launch of the Alexa For Business is the latest effort by Amazon that will allow the users to customize Alexa to fit their own needs.

In 2018, the company had introduced a set of 50 personal skill blueprints of Alexa that had allowed the users to program inside jokes and created custom quizzes and more. Similar to the apps creating a voice-activated skill for Alexa can normally take a few months but with the blueprints that work like templates, the users of Alexa have to simply input their own responses.

Photo Credits: The New York Times

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